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Veliyam Bhargavan Biography Wikipedia.



Veliyam Bhargavan's Profile.


Veliyam Bharghavan ( born in May 1928 – died in September 18, 2013) was a Communist leader from the Kerala, India.Veliyam Bhargavan was the state Secretary of Communist Party of India (CPI) from 1998 to 2010. In 2010 Veliyam Bhargavan retired from that position due to his health issues. Veliyam Bhargavan hails from Veliyam village of Kollam district. Veliyam Bhargavan is an advocate of a merger between CPI and Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM). Veliyam Bhargavan was a member of the first Legislative Assembly of Kerala, winning the 1957 assembly elections from the Chadayamangalam Constituency.


Veliyam Bhargavan's Education.


In the primary school, Bhargvan learnt Sanskrit and passed Sasthri Exam. The Sanskrit learning at the Veliayam Sanskrit School led him to master the Upanishads and puranas. Bhargavan had to walk 30 miles daily for three years to pursue matriculation at the Kottarakkara English High School. Veliyam Bhargavan completed graduation from SN College, Kollam where his economics professor, Tharakan, introduced him to Communism.Bhargavan's initial introduction to the Communist movement came through his schoolmates Kottathala Surendran and Veliyam Damodaran. Surendran was killed during a police action against communist leaders, later. Poets O N V Kurup and Thirunalloor Karunakaran, CPI leader Thengamam Balakrishnan, dramatist O Madhavan and writer Puthusserry Ramachandran were his contemporaries in college.



Veliyam Bhargavan's Political Life.


Veliyam Bhargavan was born at Veliyam village in Kollam in 1928. Veliyam Bhargavan had represented Chadayamangalam constituency in the Kerala Assembly in 1957 and 1960. Veliyam Bhargavan had joined politics at a very young age and served as state vice president of Students Federation during 1950-52. Veliyam Bhargavan had also served as a Member of Veliyam Panchayat prior to contesting the Assembly poll. Before joining politics, Bhargavan had learnt Sanskrit and treaded the path of spirituality for a few months.Later, Veliyam Bhargavan confined himself to party activities and never showed interest in contesting electoral polls. Veliyam Bhargavan has been serving as the national council member of CPI from 1971. During his tenure as the CPI state secretary, Veliyam could rebuild the base of the CPI in its strongholds in Kollam and Thrissur. Though Veliyam Bhargavan advocated unity between the CPM and CPI, he never compromised his party's stand to suit the whims of big brother CPM.