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Ansel Adams Biography Wikipedia.


Ansel Adams's Profile.

Ansel Adams (1902 - 1984) - American photographer, was born in San Francisco. He took up photography with «Sierra» and «Yosemite Valley». The photographer's name is mainly associated with these clubs.In 1930, the passion for photography in the life of Ansel Adams was a professional. That year he published the first of his many books of all the works - "Taos Pueblo» (Taos Pueblo).


Ansel Adams's Career.

Along with Edward Weston and other Adams founded the group f/64 in order to instill the art of photography is more aesthetic, scenic beauty. Ansel Adams specialized in distinctive landscapes, the most south-westerly. Ansel tried to emphasize the need to protect the environment. In addition to the prospects of the American desert, he served as a smaller, more expressive, deep detail. Such as trees, rocks, Moleva forest, grass.In the life of Ansel Adams had written many technical reference books, including the classic series «Basic Photo-Books». In addition, he helped found the Department of Photographic Arts in New York's Museum of Modern Art (it was the first branch of this kind), and the Museum of San Francisco.His book «Born Free and Equal» (1944) was an attempt to help the Japanese people deprived of their freedom in America during the Second World War. In 1946, Adams established the first branch of photography at the California School of the Arts. He also published the first of an impressive series of reproductions of the works. Not only his, but other photographers. Adams's photographs have been widely known for many books, posters, calendars.

Ansel Adams's Death and Family.

Ansel Adams was confined to his bed for four weeks after leg surgery to remove a tumor In September 1983.Ansel Adams died on April 22, 1984,  at the age of 82 from cardiovascular disease. Ansel Adams was survived by his wife, two children (Michael, born August 1933, and Anne, born 1935) and five grandchildren.

Ansel Adams's Technical Books of Photography.

Making a Photograph, 1935.

Camera and Lens: The Creative Approach, 1948. 

The Negative: Exposure and Development, 1949. 

The Print: Contact Printing and Enlarging, 1950. 

Natural Light Photography, 1952. 

Artificial Light Photography, 1956. 

Examples: The Making of 40 Photographs, 1983. 

The Camera, 1995. 

The Negative, 1995. 

The Print, 1995