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Aarani Satyanarayana Biography Wikipedia.

Aarani Satyanarayana's Profile.

Aarani Satyanarayana or Arani Satyanarayana (November 11, 1898 - July 2, 1969) is a Telugu film and Drama actor during the early period of Telugu cinema.He is born in Sangadi Gunta village in Guntur district in 1898. He has acted in Gayopakhyanam drana as Satyabhama at the age of 14 years in 1912. Aarani Satyanarayana  has activelyHe has entered Cinema industry during Silent movie time introduced by R. S. Prakash in 1921. Aarani Satyanarayana  later acted in Ramadasu (1933) of Ghantasala Balaramayya. He got good name for portraying the role of Vidura in Draupadi Vastrapaharanam (1936) of Saraswati Talkies. He has acted in Kanakatara, Balayogini, Dharmangada, Ratnamala, Laila Majnu and played various roles.He has joined as Accountant in Vinoda Pictures and acted in their Devadasu and Shanti films.


Aarani Satyanarayana's Filmography.

Ramadasu (1933) .... Thanisha

Balayogini (1936/I)

Draupadi Vastrapaharanam (1936) ... Vidura

Kanakatara (1937)

Chandika (1940)

Ratnamala (1947)

Dharmangada (1949)

Laila Majnu (1949)

Shanti (1952)

Devadasu (1953) .... Dharmanna