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Rishiraj Singh IPS Biography Wikipedia.



 Rishiraj Singh IPS in Press Conference

Rishiraj Singh IPS Profile.

Rishiraj Singh IPS is a IPS Police Officer.Rishiraj Singh IPS was worked as Inspector General of Police in Kerala Cadre,CBI.Now Rishiraj Singh IPS works in the role of Trsansport Commisioner.Rishiraj Singh IPS performs his duty very sincerly.The Sincerity of Rishiraj Singh IPS is famous.Rishiraj Singh IPS is an elegent Police Officer.


Rishiraj Singh IPS Career.

Rishiraj Singh IPS is the man whom even the police personnel fear, as no one knows how Rishi Raj Singh will appear before them. Known for disciplining a section of recalcitrant autorickhaw drivers and goonda elements during his tenure as the City Police Commissioner and the Superintendent of Police in various districts of the State, Mr. Singh is now in the limelight for trapping the black sheep in the newly introduced Highway Patrols through sting operations.