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Aravinda Rao IPS Biography Wikipedia.


Aravinda Rao IPS in Police Uniform.

Aravinda Rao IPS's Career.

Aravinda Rao IPS was the Director General of Police of Andhra Pradesh,Andhra Pradesh is a state in Independent India.Aravinda Rao IPS was the twenty seventh DGP of Andhra Pradesh.Aravinda Rao IPS appointed as DGP of Andhra Pradesh after the retirement of former DGP RR Girish Kumar.Aravinda Rao IPS Joined as DGP on 1-9-2010.Aravinda Rao IPS was retired from the Police service in the post of DGP on 30-6-2011.Mr.Y Dinesh Reddy posted as DGP of Andhra Pradesh after the retirement of Aravinda Rao IPS.


Aravinda Rao IPS's Education.

Aravinda Rao IPS is a Post Graduate.Aravinda Rao IPS got MA in Sanskrit.Aravinda Rao IPS Got IPS in 1977 Batch.Aravinda Rao IPS is the 1977 IPS Batch.Aravinda Rao IPS knows the languages Hindi,Telungu,English ets .

Aravinda Rao IPS's Awards.

Aravinda Rao IPS got IPM94

Aravinda Rao IPS got PPM03

Aravinda Rao IPS's Religion.

Dr. K. Aravinda Rao, former Director General of Police of AP, is busy nowadays in pursuing his passion for Hindu religious and spiritual legacy. The 1977-batch IPS officer who had an eventful career in the state police had recently done his Ph.D on Hindu scriptures.Aravinda Rao IPS was awarded Ph.D by the Potti Sriramulu Telugu University for his thesis ‘Epistemological reasoning in Upanishads’. 

Aravinda Rao IPS's Books.

Dr. Aravinda Rao IPS had published a book titled ‘Naxalite Terrorism—Social and Legal Issues’ on PWG when he was heading Grey Hounds.